Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Runaways Hit the Big Screen!

A movie about the all girl group The Runaways. Fucking A! It's as if the rock gods and Hollywood heard my wails for an interesting rock pic. Although reviews have been mixed,I think the film's producers get gold stars for at least committing to celluloid the story of how these trailblazing ladies showed the world - at least Japan - that underaged Cali girls with sonic power, grit - and camel toe - rocked harder than the guys who wanted to - let's say - oogle them. And all The Runaways are represented. Joan Jett. Check. Lita Ford. Check. Sandy West. Check. Jackie Fox. Check. And of course the Che-Che-Che-Che-Che Cherry Bomb herself Cherie Currie. Playing Jett and Currie are Kirstin Stewart and Dakota Fanning, barely legals actresses who are wining points from the dirty-old-men crowd. Of course, this movie is not going to win any Oscars but it's my hope that it will inspire women of all ages and colors to realize that they too can rrrrrrrrrrrock this planet.


  1. Always loved Joan Jett! Watched the film, it was unexpectedly raw and human.

  2. Loved the movie, it was just excellent. I was huge fan when they were together, but never got the chance to see them. But how come there wasn't more involvement with other members of the band, it seemed that it was missing a few things which I thought left some holes in the story. Wished there were more interviews from the cast and the original band members, I mean really they acted as if they only 5 min. to do it in... What the hey..!