Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is Lady Gaga the George W. Bush of Music?

Is Lady Gaga the George W. Bush of Music? I know that is an extreme statement, but Lady Gaga is all about extremes, particularly about doing extreme things - correction wearing extreme things - to get a reaction. I wouldn't say that Lady Gaga is as reviled as Dubya, but I'm definitely not a fan of either person. I just don't get her. To me, she is a poor imitation of other trailblazing musician-cum-artists. For example, she's supposed to be this agent provocateur-fashion icon-sex symbol-iconoclast-gay-rights advocate, right? Um, wasn't that Madonna's gig for the past 25 years? And if you ask me Mama Madonna did a far better job. Maybe, she's supposed to be the twenty-first century Ziggy Stardust, the female Marilyn Manson or the white Grace Jones? To me, Gaga is nothing more than a pretentiously untalented art student in a G-string. Gaga is not so much the poster child of originality as she is the mascot of today's faltering music industry, which is relying on titillation, sensationalism and gimmickry to sell units. Perhaps, she's in on the joke that she is simply more product to be heaped upon the masses by greedy music industry robber barons. Whatever this Lady Gaga phenomena is could someone please wake me when her fifteen minutes are up.

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