Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guitar Hero, Rock Hero, Rock Band...Enough!

First there was Guitar Hero, which gave gamers all the glory of "playing" songs from their favorite bands. Guitar Hero was followed by Rock Hero that provided players with a greater selection of songs for their plastic guitars. Let's not forget Rock Band that allows more than one player to strum or shred songs like they're in a real rock band. But they're not in a real band. Enough! Holding a plastic guitar does not make you a musician. Furthermore, it is a ludicrous idea to reward points for how well a person "plays" songs on a plastic prop guitar. I don't understand the need to trivialize music - good rock music at that - with a friggin video game. Music is not a game. Music is expression if you got something to say and catharsis if you need a release. Hell, music is art in the ears of its listener. To the players and makers of these games, I ask that they think about this. Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Armatrading and Kim Deal may have fooled around with a broom or a fake guitar before they got their hands on a real one. However, they didn't settle on playing with a fake guitar; rather, they took their time and learned how to play a real one. Think of the wonderful songs and albums that never would have existed if they hadn't. Wouldn't it be nice if the players of these games made a similar choice.

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