Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rock Hero...Really?

In the beginning, there was Guitar Hero, a video game that gives players the ability to play their favorite Rock songs for points. Guitar Hero was then followed by Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III. Now there's Rock Hero, another video game for the gamer-musician who wants to play their favorite Metallica or Pearl Jam song. I'm sure Metallica and Pearl Jam are getting a royalty check from these gaming companies - mansions and summer homes cost money. Before Lars, James and Eddie signed the dotted line, I wonder if they thought about something. Instead of thinking about the millions of dollars they would make, I wonder if they thought about the milllions of children playing these games who would mistake attaining a high score with musical ability. A true"Guitar" or "Rock" Hero not only plays music but creates music and inspires others to become musicians. The music world can use one more real musician and one less rich one.

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