Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freshman Year Made Better With Def Leppard's Hysteria

If you ask most people about their freshman year in high school, they would say it sucked. Mine was no exception. Hieroglyphic locker combinations, abuse from upperclassman, 10-lb books in my backpack were among the trials I had to endure. My one respite from this agony came during the lunch-time conversations I would have with a group of freshman, young ladies who were undergoing similarly dragonian miseries, about music. I should also point out that this was my first time at a racially integrated school, which I assumed would cause me more tension in an already uncomfortable transition to higher education. However, my love of music, specifically my love of Def Leppard's Hysteria, provided a sturdy bridge across this racial divide. As fate would have it, this group of Caucasian girls that I had sixth period lunch with all thought that this was the best album ever made and the guys from Def Lep were the cutiest guys ever to walk the planet. Risking taunts of menancing upperclassmen and detention slips from whichever teacher who had cafeteria duty, we'd sing out different songs from the album. "Love Bites" was our favorite song and we'd belt out the chorus with delicious abandon. Def Leppard provided a sweet, much-needed release and made the days of my freshman year go by a little faster, and no detention was served in the process. For the girls in sixth period lunch, this one's for you....

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