Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rock Movies I Love: FM

In a fun scene from the movie High Fidelty, record store owner John Cusack addresses the camera and lists his dream jobs from any time in history. If I were to recreate this scene and list my dream jobs, on the top of this list is radio DJ for a classic rock FM station. The movie FM is a full-length movie version of my dream job come true. Cleavon Little stars as the seductive DJ "Prince of Darkness" playing LPs with the aid of two blonde "stereo assistants" hiding under the console. Eileen Brenman is DJ Mother offering gentle advice when she's not quitting the station for the 99th time. Michael Brandon is the Kenny Loggins look-a-like Station Manager Jeff Dugan. And of course Martin Mull as the DJ/Lovegod Eric Swan who's spinning platters when he's not breaking hearts - and NEVER interrupt him while he's "making his art." This movie is a yummy time capsule of 70's fashion (Aaah...unisex suspenders and the open shirt-bare chest look) and live musical performances by Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffett. The music in FM is teh awesome ranging from the title track by Steely Dan and Tom Petty who makes a cameo in the film. Though I will never be a 70's FM radio DJ, I can always watch FM and dream.

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