Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember Liz Phair?

Remember Liz Phair? Liz Phair is another reason why I desparately love and miss 90's music. She was one of the amazing female artists of that decade who made a significant impact on me. As a twenty-something woman trying to wade through the tricky waters of relationships, survive breakups, and withstand disappointments, Liz's songs helped me keep my head above water. Furthermore, Liz's songs gave validation to women, like me, who were discovering and embracing their sexuality. I felt that it was okay to be a "blow job queen" if I wanted. Much to my great delight, Liz also called out the guys who were ho's. Guys with "cheap, unpleasant desires" in songs like "X-ray Man" from Whip Smart (my first Liz Phair album) who were "not satisfied looking at me/you're always checking out the girl behind." Liz Phair kept it very real. Hell, I'd gladly take geniune Liz Phair over plastic Lady Gaga any day of the week and twice on weekends.

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