Monday, June 15, 2009

Rock Movies That Could Be Better: The Doors

Let me start off by saying that I love the movie The Doors. I give Oliver Stone huge props for having the balls to make a biopic about the group and the late great Jim Morrison. That said I think the movie could have been better. I submit the following suggestions:

1) Show more scenes of young Jim as shaman. It's great that Mr. Stone included the car crash of Native Americans that Jim witnesses as a young boy. This is the crash from which the spirit of a dying Native American shaman supposedly entered Jim's young body. I'd like to have seen more escapades with Young Jim after this possession. Perhaps, we could have seen young Jim start a few fires at school, a food fight in the cafeteria or climb on top of his high school building and proclaim to all of the stunned students and faculty that he was the "Lizard King."

2) Actually Show Jim pull out his unit during that fateful Miami concert. Although no one who actually attended that perfomance claims to have seen him do it, which explains why we don't see him do it in the movie; Oliver could actually have had Val Kilmer Jim whip it out. Why not? The movie already has an R rating. Brief frontal male nudity would only validate the rating and give me my money's worth.

3) Show more of the LA Woman recording session. What's the big idea behind showing 30 seconds of that session that featured Jim singing while sitting on a toliet, as the closing credits roll? Boo! That scene should have been longer and not hidden under some credits. Also it would have been great to see how the live version of Roadhouse Blues was recorded because it sounded like he was having a hell of a time singing it.

Alas, we rock movie fans didn't see any of this, which is why The Doors is a rock movie that could have been (way) better.

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