Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Call to Amps Part 2: Do It For Kurt

A couple of days ago, I read an old Rolling Stone book review of Journals, a collection of Kurt Cobain's rants, raves and lyrics that was published almost a decade after his suicide. A statement from one particular journal entry of Kurt's that the reviewer recounts hit me like a lightening bolt. "I like the comfort," Cobain writes, "in knowing that women are the only future in rock and roll." Upon reading this, I let out a scream that probably injured a few dogs nearby and made the following proclaimation: Kurt got it. He freely acknowledged that women can rock just as hard - and in many cases harder than men. Cobain, who is remembered as one of the greatest musicians of the last 25 years and as an icon of 90's music, was a fan of several notable female rockers, including the groups Bikini Kill, Shonen Knife and L7, and was generous with his praise and support of these musicians. My question is if Kurt got it why doesn't anybody else? More importantly, where are today's female rockers to answer Kurt's call? Cobain has been in the ground for fifteen years. Today's satellite and terrestrial radio airwaves are populated not with the raw, groudbreaking, trendsetting, genre-breaking musicians that Cobain championed but with plastic, stale, gimmicky, autotone-spewing ones. (Exhibit A: Lady Gaga) So invoking the memory of Kurt Cobain, who gives his blessing from the great beyond, I implore my Sistahs of all races to RRRRRRRRROCK this fucking planet. If there was a time for some ass-kicking, ball-busting rock by some ass-kicking and ball-busting ladies it is right now.

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