Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why Led Zeppelin Gets Me Hot

Why does Led Zeppelin get me hot? Well, it starts with Robert Plant's camel toe in their concert movie The Song Remains The Same and hovers about around the time he wails that he wants to be my "backdoor man" in the song "Whole Lotta Love." I'd gladly give up the booty for him. Pass the tartar sauce. (Google Led Zeppelin Mud Shark Rumor) Actually, it starts with John Bonham's bombastic drumming. Loud. Funky. Raunchy. Proof of Bonham's brute power can be found on the songs "D'yer Maker," "Four Sticks," "When The Levee Breaks" and "Moby Dick." There's Jimmy Page, of course. Mystic. Rock Diety. A True Guitar Hero. His virtuoso guitar work can break your heart in songs like "That's The Way," and he can give you goosebumps with the epic "Achilles Last Stand," the sublime "Kashmir," the otherwordly "No Quarter," and the majestic "Immigrant Song." Lest we forget bassist John Paul Jones. He's one hell of a wingman. He took up the producing slack on the group's later albums while Page was nursing a debilitating heroin habit. The brilliance of this group has been praised and disputed for almost forty years now. However, fans and foes cannot deny that Led Zeppelin continues to have a major presence in rock music and casts a mighty long shadow, influencing generations of musicians and spawning the creation of several musical genres. For all these reasons, Led Zeppelin makes me cream my panties. No tartar sauce needed.


  1. Nice blog! I'm a big fan of rock music, especially indie rock.

  2. Thanks Karen! Welcome. I hope you hang around for a while.....