Monday, January 18, 2010

God Save John Lydon!

In a world that's becoming more plastic and less genuine with each passing day, it is important to give props to those authentic souls who keep it balls-to-the-wall real in the face of overwhelming shallowness and mediocrity. One such person is John Joseph Lydon. Here is a man who does not censor himself or makes compromises. Sell-out is not in his vocabulary. Remember when he and the surviving Sex Pistols appeared at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You don't? That's because they didn't go. He and the other Pistols boycotted the event, calling the ceremony a "piss stain" and viewing such accolades as false, pretentious and sanctimonious drivel. Those familiar with Lydon's history - back when he was known to the world as Johnny Rotten or as the lead singer of Public Image Limited - know that he never shrinks from telling the truth no matter the consequences. Whether it was his repeating the "rude word" on the Bill Grumby talk show that caused the Pistols to be dropped from their EMI record label or his proclaiming to the world that he was an "antichrist" to the shock and dismay of religious leaders over the pond and in the States, Lydon welcomed the controversy that resulted from his actions, as he thought it would promote dialogue between thinking people. Instead his actions were mocked and sensationalized particularly by the British tabloid press. On a few occasions, he was met with violence - Once he was attacked was with a switchblade by a group of thugs. But Lydon stayed honest then and he still is. Here's hoping that today's artists will follow Lydon's example of honesty and courage because artists like Lydon are needed now more than ever.

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