Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey Ya'll, Rock On, Sistahs Is A Year Old! Howl If You Hear Me!

Yes, my Rock On, Sistahs Fam, this wee blog is a year old. In the span of said year, I have produced 264 posts - this one is my 265th - and have amassed 9 KICKASS followers, whom I love with all my heart and soul. I love ya'll because ya'll know that Rock music is not just music to be enjoyed by a some but all, especially the Sistahs. I created this blog because I was sick of reading Rock music articles and blog posts written by mostly White men. Now, I have nothing against White men - being engaged to one and all - but they aren't the only ones who dig Rock music or have an opinion about it. Rock, On Sistahs is my chance to represent and encourage other Sistahs to proclaim their love of Rock music from their corner of the world. After all, Women of Color were Rock's pioneers and continue to contribute to this style of music. Personally, when I attempt to engage in a substantial conversation about Rock Music with Sistahs in my neck of the woods - particularly the ones in my family - I'm met with looks of disbelief, bewilderment, and borederline disgust. Being a lover of Rock music has made me a freak of nature, a lone wolf of sorts without anyone to discuss my fondness for this particular brand of music. With Rock, On Sistahs, I'm letting my freak flag fly - to borrow a phrase. And to all the other lone (she)wolves out there, you are not alone. A full moon has ascended. Let's howl as the branches quiver and break.

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