Friday, September 24, 2010

Robert Johnson, The True King of Rock and Roll

Before, Elvis, Hell, before Little Richard, there was Robert Johnson, the true originator and pioneer of this thing we call Rock and Roll. Before Jim, Jimi, and Janis, Gram, and Brian, Robert Johnson was the first Rock and Roll casualty. He died at the painfully young age of 26. There is the Faustian legend that he sold his soul to death in exchange for his talent but before Tupac and Biggie and the "No Snitching" Movement, Johnson was the first musician to die under suspicious
circumstances. Allegedly, Johnson was poisoned by a jealous man whose wife as fooling around with Johnson. From the Mississippi Delta mud, Johnson dug deep and created art that pierces the soul. With his acoustic guitar and haunting voice, Johnson crafted a catalogue of music that generations of musicians are still emulating. Before Jimi gave Rock it's psychedelic colors and shot it out of the stratosphere, Robert Johnson constructed Rock's template. For all this, I proclaim Robert Johnson the true king of Rock and Roll. I hope present and future Rock and Roll fans will continue to pay homage to this great man!

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