Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adele, "Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast," To Borrow A Phrase

This blog post is long overdue. Let me clarify, a post on Adele on this blog is embarrassingly overdue but better late than never, right?! Adele. Wow! Where do I begin? She marks the return of true talent, which has been in frighteningly short supply in the '00s and '10s. Hearing that magnificent voice for the first time in her song Chasing Pavements from her album 19 literally made the hairs on my neck stand to attention and put a lump in my throat. Sonically, it was the equivalent of watching Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. Overreaction? Hell no! You know how dreadfully fake and gimmicky the music of the new millennium has been and I don't even have to name the names of repeat offenders. Following the path paved by fellow Brit the late Amy Winehouse, Adele brought back real music and folks took notice and embraced her. This woman can saang! With the release of her second album 21 and the songs Someone Like You and the masterpiece Rolling In the Deep, Adele became a phenomena. These songs, which she wrote about a breakup, have become THE anthems for the brokenhearted - Sorry Since You've Been Gone, LOL. With the power of her angel-kissed pipes, Adele did something pretty miraculous: she got me listening to the radio again. Sistah Adele brought me out of my cocoon of retro Rock and classic R&B and Adele has restored my faith in today's music. May she continue to bless us with her talent, which is truly music for the heart and soul.

Because one tune from Adele is never enough, here is her masterpiece, Rolling In the Deep.

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