Monday, March 30, 2009

More Tina, Please!

Okay, I remember that great Grammy moment when Beyonce and Tina Turner performed a rousing version of "Proud Mary." Mary wasn't the only proud person to see the younger performer in her introduction pay her respects to the elder performer's trailblazing combination of strength and sexiness. And there was Tina showing all those watching that she still had that voice and that magnetism. Since that sparkling performance, Hurricane Beyonce has appeared on numerous magazine covers, movies and commercials, and Tina has embarked on a world tour. However, you wouldn't know it from reading the same magazines that feature the younger performer. Ageism? Hell, yeah and I'm sick of it! Sistah T is a friggin force of nature. She still has it and I for one want to see more of it. Take Tina out of the box with the mothballs and put her and her legendary legs on the cover of that glossy, stat! (Heavy sigh) I'm done.

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