Friday, April 3, 2009

Guitar Hero My Ass

Whenever I think of the video game Guitar Hero, a herd of questions stomp through my mind, but a couple of questions nag me the most: What is the relevance of playing a song for points rather than expression? Why is it more important to score points than master chords? I guess, in this high-speed connecting, fast-food eating, instant-gratifying society, nobody wants to be bothered with learning how to play the guitar the "old fashioned" way through practice and trial and error. Anyway, entertainment is the point of the video game, which it dispenses to countless living rooms around the world. I've played Guitar Hero and I was entertained. However, when I put the prop guitar down, I couldn't help but think of the younger players who have chosen to play with a plastic guitar over a real one, of the countless songs they will never create with a real guitar or the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it that they will never experience....RIP Buck.

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