Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lilith Fair Please Come Back!

If you came of age during the 90s and were a music fan, you remember Lilith Fair. Although the decade beget many music festivals (Lollapalooza and Coachella to name a couple), Lilith Fair stood out because its focus was on women musicians. Lilith, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Sarah McClachlan, was created to protest concert promoters who discouraged booking more than one female performer. Lilith Fair became a phenomena during its three-year run. If you were a popular preMillenial female musician, you played Lilith. A parital list of Lilith performers include Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Liz Phair, Suzanne Vega, Missy Elliot, Indigo Girls, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin and Fionna Apple. The last Lilith Fair was 10 years ago, and the silence of its absence is deafening. In the spirit of 90s nostalgia or in recognition of the women rockers' ability to kick much ass, I call on Sarah and the other goddess of Rock to bring back Lilith. The return of Lilith would bring a much needed infusion of substance to today's anemic music industry.

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