Monday, April 13, 2009

To My Sistahs - A Call to Amps

A message to my Sistahs - If you can carry a tune or have something to say, I challenge you to try Rock and Roll. We got enough R&B stars. Beyonce, got it! Ciara, check! Mary J. Blige, in the house! Keri Hilson - kinda "turning me off" after the 100th time. Worse, if I have to watch one more video of a glamazon in her pink Barbie Dream car riding to her Dream house, throwing dollar bills out the window and singing about how hot she is or how her man can't handle said hotness, I don't know what I'll do. Sistahs, expand your horizons and let your freak flag fly! Take those hair extensions out and grow an angry afro. Trade your Manolo's for a Fender guitar - even if you can't play it - and make some noise. Leave the Viva Glam MAC make-up at home. Better still, get that Roberto Cavalli mini-dress, tress up your hair, drown yourself in boas and bling. Become the ultimate Glam Rocker and turn your amp up to 11. I said it once and it bears repeating: Rock and Roll is our birthright to claim and enjoy. Don't be afraid of it. Moreover, Rock and Roll is a very liberating way to express yourself. Are you pissed off that your Baby Daddy is behind in his child support payments? Write a song about the asshole and scream it at the top of your lungs. Is your CEO-Gangsta boyfriend underperforming in the bedroom? Fix the turd with a blistering ode to his limp dick. Aahh, my sistahs, the possibillities are endless. Embrace your Rock goddess and let the greatness begin! You're welcome.

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