Thursday, May 7, 2009

File This Under "Oh No He Didn't"

I'm not one to gossip, but I read (from two reputable blogs: Rolling Stone and Washington Post) that Trent Reznor was talking trash about Prince and Weezer's frontman Rivers Cuomo. In the Q&A portion of an interview with Digg's Kevin Rose, Reznor was asked by a fan if there was a backlog of unreleased NIN material that he plans to make public. Reznor replied: “I’m not Prince or Rivers Cuomo, who brags about having hundreds of great songs. And to that I would say, ‘Prince, if you have a hundred great songs or a thousand, how about picking a few and putting them on your record that you’ve put out, because your last several have sucked.’ Same for you, Rivers. I say that constructively, you know.” Wait for it..."Oh no, he didn't!" Yeah, he did. I wonder how Prince and Rivers plan to respond. Dance-off? Flame war? Maybe Prince and Rivers will collaborate and release an album of all Nine Inch Nails cover songs. I guess I should be burned at the stake for writing two Nine Inch Nails posts in the same week but this was just too good not to comment on. If there is any response from Prince and Rivers to Reznor's "constructive criticism" I will definitely pass it along.

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