Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reeling In My High School Years With Academic Support From Steely Dan

My high school years were a time of musical exploration marked by extreme contrasts ranging from the psycho-sexual-rock-funk of Jane's Addiction to the peace-love-and-petruli of Hendrix. There was one group that provided a mellow buffer between these two extremes. That group was Steely Dan. Their music was definitely a constant presence during that time. I played Steely Dan studying for exams and doing my homework. For some reason, Steely Dan made me feel smarter. Perhaps, it was because of all the in-jokes and cultural references in their songs. Some of them I get ("chasing the dragon") and some still have me scratching my head. ("high-heeled sneakers?) Dag Namit! Whatever it was it worked for this honor student. Study aid or not, Steely Dan remains one of my all time favorite groups. But seriously, the next time you have a big test (SAT, physics, driving test or whatever), give Steely Dan a try.

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