Monday, November 30, 2009

And Then There's Jeff Motherfuckin Beck

Jeff Beck. Where do I begin? There's Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds. Playing British Blues not only out of respect for the American pioneers of the form but out of love of the music. If fellow Yardbird Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton are guitar gods, then Beck is Zeus in leather pants and boots showing the posers and amateurs how it's done. Did you catch his performance on HBO's Rock & Roll Hall of 25th Anniversary Concert? His rendition of "A Day In The Life" was breathtakingly beautiful. A sonic work of art. Earlier in the concert, he reunited with Stevie Wonder to play the famous guitar riff on "Superstition." (Did you know that Stevie wrote the song for him?) As far as I'm concerned Beck owned the show and earned his stripes as a Rock journeyman. Of course, Beck gets my eternal props for having Tal Wilkenfeld on bass!!!!!

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