Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Jay-Z The New Face of Rock and Roll?

Is Jay-Z The New Face of Rock and Roll? A better question is Why Not? It may seem initially like a bit of a stretch, but think about. Hova fits the criteria of a rock and roll superstar. He's raw. He's real. He's rauchous. (Hell, he's anti-autotune.) He has sold out Madison Square Garden. Twice. His music can scare the bejesus out of parents, especially the ones in red states. His autobiographical rhymes of his drug-dealing past are every bit as compelling as Bob Dylan's tales of heartache and yearning. He can mesmerize a crowd with the cockiness of Jagger and the righteousness of Bono. Songs like the Rick Ruben-produced "99 Problems" and "Run This Town" carry the same sonic intensity as anything by Zeppelin or AC/DC. Most recently, the self-proclaimed "new Sinatra" has already pushed Bloomberg out as the new mayor of New York with his anthemic "Empire State of Mind." Now it looks like Jay armed with his backing band of screaming guitars - and his 10-year, multi-million dollar deal with Live Nation - is aiming to conquer rock and roll. Welcome to Roc Nation. What's Up?

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