Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hail Hail These Sistahs of Rock!

Rock On, Sistahs! proudly shines a light on the following courageous Sistahs who have boldly ventured beyond the confines of today's R&B music and dared to embrace their Rock and Roll birthright.

Fefe Dobson
Oh Canada! Our neighbor to the North has blessed us with many gifts: beer, bacon, The Kids In the Hall, The McKenzie Brothers, David Cronenberg, Seth Rogen, Neil Young, Broken Social Scene, Rush, Anvil. I can now add Fefe Dobson to this list of my favorite Canadian things. Sistah Dobson, whose music has been described as "groovy Punk" adds the spice - and kerosene - to Toronto's vibrant music scene. Think of her as a Black Alanis Morrisette but better. Her latest album Joy is on the Island Def Jam label.

Being a rapid Anglophile, I thought I'd include not one but two Sistahs from the British Isles who are keeping Rock sexy, novel and alive.

Magenta of Queen Tantrum

Liverpool's Queen Tantrum is fronted by Magenta whose mighty roar can pierce your heart or set it ablaze. Sistah Magenta is the engine that propels this awesome quintet into the stratosphere and beyond. All hail the Queen. Visit Queen Tantrum at

VV Brown

First name VV. Surname Brown. This Northhampton-born and London-based Sistah has been described as Kanye West meets Bjork but she defies such trite description. Sistah Brown's originality is exactly what is needed to rescue Rock from its present plastic, soulless, mindnumbing incarnation. See Nickelback. Her debut album Travelling Like The Light is on the Capitol label.

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