Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Tragic Loser

"Winning!" - Charlie Sheen

Is Charlie Sheen "winning"? Far from it. Unhinged? Most definitely. Self-destructing? Duh! Watching a public figure like Sheen fall from grace is as much popular entertainment as it is heartbreaking tragedy. More heartbreaking because it is unfolding in high definition. Turn on your television and it's saturated with the latest Charlie Sheen reality-challenged rant. It's Charlie Sheen's public relations war against the "trolls" that includes Charlie bragging about his "tiger blood" and "Adonis DNA" and flipping off Middle America by defending his Dionysian lifestyle of porn stars, prostitutes, sycophants and enablers. Earlier this week, his twin sons were removed from his home by the authorities. As of today he's down one "goddess" (Rachel Oberlin a.k.a. porn star Bree Olson left him.) and he's unemployed. CBS has officially fired Sheen from his TV show "Two And A Half Men." How does Charlie react to his recent misfortunes? He takes a defensive stance while he rants like a neuron-fried maniac. To be honest, it's pretty fucking sad. Is Charlie Sheen winning despite his rants to the contrary? I'll put it like this: It looks like the SS Charlie Sheen has crashed into an iceberg and everyone knows it but him.

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