Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three Prince CDs Inspire Three Prince Posts: The Panty Whisperer

Yes, Prince has a way with the ladies.
The list is long of the female artists he's produced tracks for: Vanity, Apollonia, Sheila E., Sheena, Ingrid Chavez, Jill Jones, The Bangles, Carmen Electra, Kate Bush, Mavis Staples, and now Bria Valente. I had a dream of being one of his lingerie-clad proteges. A frequent pubescent dream of mine was of taking a plane to his Paisley Park Studios and being led by his assistant to his studio/boudoir where my Purple producer and I would sing to the delight of doves cooing in the background. Alas, my dream is but a dream, however, Prince's sensual prowess cannot be denied. So far, he is the only man who can seduce a legion of female fans while wearing heels higher than theirs.

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