Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three Prince CDs Inspires Three Prince Posts: The Fuck You Experience

In honor of Prince's recent three CD release, I wanted to pay tribute to that purple whippersnapper of prodigious talent by posting three distinct posts. Prince is not an artist that you can tell what to do or tie down whether it's to a genre of music or how he is going to distribute his music. If one tries, he will beat you everytime. He will find a way to say, "Fuck you!" Case in point. I remember an appearance he gave at an awards ceremony during the time when he was having drama with his record company, Warner Brothers, over ownership of his master recordings. At the end of show, all the night's presenters and performers were on stage for a musical tribute. When legendary producer Quincy Jones passed the microphone to Prince, who was known as "The Artist" at that time, he stuffed a lollipop in his mouth. "Fuck you! I'm not your monkey boy." is what he seemed to say with that one gesture. With the release of his three CDs MPLSoUND, LotUSFLOW3R and Bria Valente's Elixer, Prince is giving a much needed "Fuck you" to today's music industry that is saturated with one-hit wonders and cookie-cutter pop idols. More importantly, he is reminding music fans what true talent is.

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  1. I cant believe he is no longer with us rip prince!